How Much Are You Spending On Advertising?

Do you know that the number one reason why businesses fail is the high cost of finding customers that pays for their products or services… we call it the cost of marketing.

If you cannot sell, you cannot stay in business.

Big companies that sell to broad markets have no problem finding customers.


They have mammoth budgets that allow them to reach the masses on a consistent basis. The good news is you don’t have to reach everyone. You just need to reach the RIGHT customers.
That’s where Be Found In Town levels the playing field.

Finding your customers
We help you find the local niche market that want and need the products and services you offer.

Introducing your products and services
We align your brand with businesses your local residents like and trust giving you an edge over the competition.

Creating familiarity
Customers need to see your brand on a regular basis for your business to become a household name. Our programs are affordable so you can stay in front of the right customers for consistent exposure.

Yes, word of mouth goes a long way in drawing in new customers. But life changes and residents relocate for a variety of reasons. It is crucial to consistently promote your products and services to grow your loyal customer base. Of course, getting your business message to your target market cost money.

A tried and true way of  generating new and repeat customers being used today is cross promotion. This is when non-competing businesses who serve the same target market share their customer bases – a strategy the big boys use very successfully.

By working with other businesses you are building important strategic alliances effortlessly and cost effectively while delivering your message to a specific demographic that would otherwise cost you fortune to find and communicate to.

Be Found In Town takes care of everything from design, printing and distribution all at one low price. A tremendous value for busy business owners who understand the importance advertising and promotion is in building their business. Because, like-minded entrepreneurs work together in a co-op, this all in one solution is also very affordable.

Due to the cooperative nature of our unique marketing strategy, all print and design services are by invitation only.